Scanning Services

Bring your film, prints or art to be turned into digital files.


Scan your old negatives to look back on the past


Never worry about the original being damaged with a digital copy on hand


Easier storage with digital files

Whether you have old photos or negatives, scan them to digital files to add them to your archive.

Local scanning services offer scans from your flat photos (up to 8.5×11), negatives or positives.

Scanned to 3000 pixels (longest side), format will dictate overall file size.

Items Price per scan*
Under 25 $3.00
25 + $2.50
*Price is same for negatives, slides and prints

Scans are not manipulated or color corrected (we try to minimize dust but do not guarantee dust free)

Prints are not included in cost of scan, prints can be ordered seperatley though either ROES or Xpress.

*Scan orders are Local – Pick Up Clients only, we do not accept originals by mail. We do not ship originals.