Scanning Services

Bring your film, prints or art to be turned into digital files.


Scan your old negatives to look back on the past


Never worry about the original being damaged with a digital copy on hand


Easier storage with digital files

Whether you have old photos or negatives, scan them to digital files to add them to your archive.

Local scanning services offer scans from your flat photos (up to 8.5×11), negatives or positives.

Scanned to 3000 pixels (longest side), format will dictate overall file size.

ItemsPrice per scan*
Under 25$3.00
25 +$2.50
*Price is same for negatives, slides and prints

Scans are not manipulated or color corrected (we try to minimize dust but do not guarantee dust free)

Prints are not included in cost of scan, prints can be ordered seperatley though either ROES or Xpress.

*Scan orders are Local – Pick Up Clients only, we do not accept originals by mail. We do not ship originals.

Can I mail you something to scan?

Unfortunately, we are unable to take originals via mail. This service is for local customers only as we cannot be responsible for your originals in shipping.

Do you process film?

We do not process film. We can scan your film once it has been processed.

Can I order a print of my scan?

Yes, once we give you the digital file, you can then use it to place a print order.

How large of an original can you scan?

We can scan original flat art up to an 8×12. We can scan both film (transparencies) and prints (any flat art). This list includes: Disc, 110mm, 35mm, 120mm, 4×5,8×10 and flat prints and 2 D art work. We do not recommend books due to the gutter unless it can lay completely flat.

How will I receive the digital files from my scans?

Your scans will be saved to a CD or DVD depending on the number of files created. If you require a USB drive, you may supply your own and will provide both a disc and transfer to your drive.

What is the turn around time for scanning?

Turn around time is from 2-3 business days depending on the size of your order.

What size file do you provide from my original? Can I enlarge it?

The standard size file we opt for is at least 30MB. This file size is usually adequate to print the largest product we offer. This does not mean that it increases the quality of your original so if your original is very small, it will enlarge the detail that is present.

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