Frequently Asked Questions: 
ROES client software (Remote Order Entry System)

You should have a minimum 500MHz speed processor with 256MB RAM and the latest Java Runtime loaded from Sun, available here (Apple Java can be obtained here). Any Java capable system can be used, so Apple OS X 10.3 or higher, Linux, and all current versions of Windows will support the application. Be sure to maintain enough free drive space to build, save, and retain order files. There are Java download links to several versions on our Downloads page.
There are several possible reasons why the ROES will not start up or in some cases, will not transmit to the lab. We have found it is best to go through these steps in order and always end with cleaning out Temporary Internet Files:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 – Settings of the new Windows Firewall can prevent the client from launching or creating an FTP connection. Try turning the firewall off or set it to prompt for exceptions such as FTP.
  • Various Anti-Virus Applications – We have found that the home use versions of the Norton Internet Security/Anti virus and McAfee Security applications can prevent the software from launching. Try disabling these temporarily if ROES will not start and turning them back on after successfully starting and installing shortcuts. To do this, open Control Panel and Administrative Tools and go into Services. Find the Norton or McAfee security services (proxy agent, firewall, network monitor, etc.),right-click on them and select Stop.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) Security Settings – If set to high may block the ActiveX calls made during the client launch. Try resetting Internet Explorer’s security levels (found in IE under Tools – Internet Options – Security tab) to default.
  • Internet Explorer Pop-Up Blocker – This is a new option that installs with Windows XP SP2. Try turning this off in Internet Explorer under Tools – Pop-up Blocker.
  • Clear out your Internet Explorer cache – This can be done in IE under Tools – Internet Options. On the first tab, General, look in the center section marked Temporary Internet Files and select Delete Files. Click OK at the confirmation window, wait for the mouse pointer to return to normal from the hourglass and try the client launch again.

If you have run ROES before on the system and it is suddenly failing with an Invocation Exception error, after clearing out Temporary Internet Files in the steps above, remove the ROES application from Java Web Start to ensure a fresh download and install. Select Start – Run, type javaws.exe and press Enter. When the Java Web Application Viewer opens, find the ROES application for your lab and highlight it. In Java 1.4, select Application and Remove. In Java 1.5, click the button at the bottom to Remove Selected Application. This will remove the lab’s ROES from your system along with any desktop shortcuts. To reload, go to the lab’s web site in your browser and click on the ROES start link.

You might have a weak upload connection that is timing out.

Before you have to start over and redo your orders to split them up, you can try a couple of other things:  Make sure that you have all the latest updates on your computer including the latest version of JAVA –  Delete your temporary Internet files.  If you are on a wireless connection, plug your computer into a hard wire.  Wireless connections can time out often when trying to send in a large order.

This is usually a corruption of the launch file downloaded when the client starts. Clean out your Internet Explorer cache/Temporary Internet Files as above and re-start the client launch.

This can happen on Windows PC’s, it is caused by a Java corruption and can occur when you have several versions of Sun’s Java running on the system. When Java updates on Windows, it adds another version onto the system as opposed to simply upgrading the existing version. If this issue arises, open Control Panel on your system and open Add/Remove Programs. Find the Java Runtime versions on the system, then highlight each and remove them. Reboot the system and re-start the ROES Client from the lab’s web site, this will check for Java on the system and prompt for a download and install. You can also jump to Downloads page to do a manual download/install of Java’s latest version.
Please be sure you are in the product catalog of your choice by selecting the catalog from the ORANGE drop down menu “Select a product catalog” in Step 1. There are 13 different product catalogs that will appear in a drop down menu in black underneath. Once you have selected your catalog, you must choose a product by clicking on it and the product icon will turn light blue in the drop down menu and it will load the template in the large main window of ROES. Only then can you drag an image from your Image Selection palette into the product. Selecting a product also prompts that product’s specific ordering options to appear under “Step 2. Options”.

Please also note that ROES will not allow you to choose an image to load in the Image Selection palette but rather will let you select a folder. We recommend putting only the images you want to view in the ROES in a folder on your hard drive as ROES will load EVERY image in the folder. If you have thousands of images in the root folder, it will likely cause the ROES to crash. Also, on some OS versions, ROES does not see folders on the desktop or external drives. We recommend creating a folder within your hard drive specially for ordering from ROES. Place only the images you want to order or view in this folder.

Our printing software will refuse certain characters and while we filter most out in the ROES Client, it’s still best to not use apostrophes, commas, slashes or ampersands in image file names.
If you skipped the shortcut install, you can create the shortcuts from within Java Web Start’s Application Cache Viewer. To get there, Click Start – Run and type javaws.exe and press Enter. Find the ROES application you want a shortcut for and right-click on it.

Select Install Shortcuts and they will be created. If using an older Java 1.4 version,
right clicking will not get a response (you may also need to click View and select
Downloaded Applications to see the right list). Instead, select the ROES application you want, click Application in the menu bar and select Create Shortcuts. To remove a shortcut, follow the same steps and select Uninstall/Remove Shortcuts.

There can be 2 causes of this:

  1. Verify the file has no illegal characters like a backslash in it from the My Information screen’s Account field, where N\A may be entered. Go back to the My Information screen and replace N\A with just NA, None, or NewUser.
  2. Zip file corruption can occur in rare instances. Go back into the order and save it as an incomplete order; then Open the saved order. This will assign it a new random order number and you should be able to just complete the order and send it.
Different cameras and their image extraction software will occasionally embed a non-RGB color space (like CMYK or proprietary ones) or add EXIF header data. In these cases, the thumbnails provide an inaccurate view of your edited file. Please note that if your image appears fine in its full version of your editing software, it will be fine in print and the ROES is simply using your inaccurate thumbnail to populate the product template.
FIRST, check with us to make sure that we didn’t already receive your order. An email confirmation should be sent out about an hour after sending your order through ROES. The email address used to send the confirmation is the one found in your “My Information” in ROES. There is the possibility the email was blocked or our server may not have sent the email so please call us or email us immediately and do not resend an order until we can confirm the receipt.

Some reasons that we might not have received your order:

  • Make sure that you do not use any commas or apostrophes in your “My Company” info in ROES. This can cause the system to crash.
  • Make sure that you only send us JPG files -saved as RGB with standard compression or TIFF files – saved as RGB, flattened and NO compression.
  • Make sure that your order is not over 4 GB, which is our limit.
You can re-open an order already sent through ROES as a new order by clicking the “Open/Save” button at the top right side of the ROES main page and then choosing “Show Queued Orders”. This will give you a list of past orders that you have sent through ROES. You can change the number of days to back up orders on the ROES under this header as well. Find the order you would like to resend and click the green button next to it, “Reopen as New Order”. This will load the order in your shopping cart where you can once again edit the order or simply re-send again.
Actually, our ROES software never “takes” or “stores” your photos on our system. Instead, it displays photos just like your computer browser displays photos. Your photos are still in your folders on your computer. The Image Selection palette in ROES where you see your thumbnails only acts as a browser to your computer, so that you may preview the images to order prints. To remove them from the Image Selection palette you may click on the grey ‘x’.

You can go into your “Preferences” button at the bottom of the ROES Start page and UN-click “Remember last folder used between launches”. Then when you close out and open back up ROES you will not show any images on the right side until you choose “Folder”.

It will depend on the file size of your order and the connection speed of your internet connection.
Yes, all your personal data is sent via https using Secure Socket Layer 128-bit encryption. We have a SSL Certificate from Thawte.
Yes, in ROES you can omit the pricing on the templates of all products. Open your “Preferences” on the ROES main page and UN-click “show Prices”. Then restart your ROES. This will omit all the pricing on all products in the products catalog. Be sure not to click on “Review Order” because the prices will show correctly there.
You can highlight the contents of a folder in ROES and drag your selection of images into the size template of your choice all at once. This will prompt you about adding them to your queue automatically. However, please note you will not be able to adjust each crop individually so check them carefully on the Shopping Cart page and make any necessary adjustments before submitting your order.

We are open 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday.