Panoramic Prints and Multi-photo Templates Tutorial

  • Getting Started
  • Click on Sizes button (bottom left).
  • Click on Show Sizes Palette.
  • Return to Sizes button and click again.
  • Mouse over Catalogs and Select Panoramic Prints or Multi-photo Templates
  • Templates will appear in their own dialogue box.

Selecting a Template

  • Click once on any template – it will appear in this window.
  • Click on photo holes or text boxes. The blue border is your crop line.

Adding Text

  • Double click in the text area. This will zoom in to your text box.
  • Type text in drop-down text box.
  • Check spelling (no makeovers will be allowed for spelling errors).
  • Click on Options to change the color or size of your typeface.
  • Double click to return to full screen view.
  • You are not required to add text.
  • The instructions to “Type your text here” will not print.

Important Notes

  • Check your order carefully for typing errors. No makeovers will be allowed for spelling errors.